HR Policies


At Vantage, we are committed to our Core Values, which in turn ensure our employees work and grow in an environment where:

  • Our customers’ success is paramount
  • Quality is everyone’s job
  • Employee involvement builds commitment and unlocks our potential
  • Integrity is never compromised
  • Continuous improvement and innovation are critical to securing our future
  • As a lean, hands‑on organization, we respond with a sense of urgency
  • Food and workplace safety are everyone’s responsibility



At Vantage, you are part of a team committed to food and workplace quality and safety. That means you are working in an organization that values people (employees, customers, and suppliers) with policies that support:

  • Workplace safety
  • An harassment-free workplace
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Commitment to employee development
  • Apprenticeships for meat cutters



Employee safety is of paramount concern to Vantage. As such, we are firmly committed to:

  • Creating a culture that promotes a healthy and safe workplace
  • Meeting and exceeding all required workplace health and safety requirements in all customer service centres
  • Supporting Employee Health and Safety Committees in each service centre to ensure direct feedback on important health and safety issues
  • Direct action on feedback from Employee Health and Safety Committees


Vantage employees are responsible for:

  • Understanding and adhering to all applicable legislation and workplace safety and health requirements 
  • Following all regulations and work rules to ensure the safety of individuals or other employees
  • Declining to undertake work which is unsafe, either to individuals or other employees


Vantage supervisors and management are responsible for:

  • Taking all precautions necessary to protect the safety and health of employees 
  • Ensuring all employees understand and follow required safety procedures, whether required by legislation or company operating practices 
  • Ensuring all protective equipment is used properly and all operating machinery is in good repair and does not present a hazard to employees
  • Advising employees about real and possible risks encountered on the job, to minimize the possibility of injury or accident 


 As a responsible employer, Vantage is responsible for:

  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees
  • Ensuring that all safety and health regulations are met
  • Ensuring that employees, supervisors, and managers have the information, training, certification, supervision, and experience to perform job tasks safely
  • Establishing and supporting a Health and Safety Committee in each Customer Service Centre to:
  • Identify and make recommendations concerning any possible unsafe or unhealthy work situations
  • Provide input to the organization on safety and health issues in the workplace
  • Help drive effective communication about health and safety programs to all employees

Vantage has formal policies and procedures regarding health and safety and emergency management. Employees can access this information and the specific steps involved in their Employee Handbook. 



Vantage has a comprehensive approach to health and safety practices and rules that is consistent in all service centres. These are outlined in the Employee Handbook and are covered in detail during new employee orientation and practices training. Following is a partial excerpt:

As an employee at Vantage, your commitment to your own safety and to the safety of your fellow employees requires you to:

  • Learn the correct and safe method to perform your job.  If you have any doubts, check with your supervisor
  • Follow instructions and obey the safety rules designed for your protection.  Suggestions for improving work safety processes are welcomed and should be raised with your supervisor
  • Immediately report any injury, accident, fire, or other emergency, or any defective equipment, machinery, or unsafe working conditions to your supervisor
  • Use CSA or ANSI approved footwear, hardhats, and hearing protection. This is mandatory in all Service Centres.  Other personal protective equipment (PPE) may be required depending on your job
  • Make proper use of and take care of all your personal protective equipment.  If your PPE is damaged, report it immediately and replace if necessary
  • Observe all posted safety rules and regulations as well as any company health and safety policies and procedures
  • Avoid wearing any loose clothing that could become entangled in machinery. Jewellery (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings) must NOT be worn in operating areas.   Chewing gum is NOT allowed in any operating area
  • Maintain your good health.  Poor physical condition can lead to accidents.  If you are unwell, see your supervisor – we can help
  • Avoid being distracted at work.  Being distracted or engaging in horseplay can lead to accidents and injury.  Horseplay endangers your safety and the safety of others. Vantage Foods offers employees access to and the use of an Employee Assistance Plan if you are worried about personal or other health issues
  • Operate only those machines for which you are trained.  Do not attempt any work which is unsafe or for which you are not authorized.



As a provider of fresh case-ready meat products to our retail customers, food safety is top priority in all service centres and embraces all aspects of production from raw material intake right through to packaging and distribution. All Vantage service centres are HACCP approved and monitored by federal government inspectors (CFIA and the USDA).

Vantage employees are responsible for:

  • Observing all food safety rules and regulations
  • Contributing to the maintenance of a clean and sanitary workplace
  • Washing hands before entering the production floor and as required throughout the workday
  • Wearing sanitized clothing, face masks, hairnets/hard hats, and gloves, and rubber/safety boots on the production floor
  • Completing the Vantage food safety training program



At Vantage, we provide a safe and respectful workplace for all staff, contractors, and customers.  We believe:

  • No individual (employee, contractor, supplier, or a member of the public) will be harassed, at any time, for any reason
  • No individual has the right to harass anyone else, whether at work or in any situation related to employment at Vantage
  • In addition to the legislative and regulatory protection against harassment, everyone has the right to work in an environment free of sexual harassment, physical intimidation, or other forms of harassment


At Vantage, we mandate:

  • All  employees treat each other with respect and report (in confidence) incidents of harassment (of themselves or others)
  • All employees have the right and the responsibility to report harassment to the appropriate person without prejudice


As an employer, we will take any report of harassment seriously.  We commit to:

  • Maintaining confidentiality as necessary and appropriate
  • Investigating all complaints to insure they are resolved quickly, confidentially, and fairly
  • Disciplining any individual who is determined to have harassed another person or group, regardless of the type of harassment involved (sexual, physical, or mental intimidation, or creating a toxic work environment)

Because of the serious nature of these complaints, similar disciplinary action may apply to anyone who is found to have submitted a frivolous, vindictive, or unfounded complaint of harassment against another person.

Vantage has formal policies and procedures which outline our specific position on ensuring an harassment-free workplace.  Employees can access this information in their Employee Handbook. 



We believe employees thrive in an environment that provides feedback and rewards positive performance.

Salaried employees at Vantage Foods participate in the establishment of annual Performance Agreements which outline:

  • Annual Key Result Areas (KRA's). At least annually, employees and supervisors will meet to discuss KRA results and to establish new ones for the next reporting period
  • Areas of job performance requiring attention
  • Identification of behavioural competencies that are assessed as part of the individual’s annual performance review

Hourly employees have their performance reviewed in regular ongoing discussions with their supervisor. These discussions focus on:

  • Job-related outcomes
  • Expectations and behaviours required



At Vantage, we believe all employees have an ongoing responsibility for their own development.  We actively support our employees’ career development initiatives by sponsoring approved courses, seminars, and programs related to their work at Vantage..

Encouraging internal growth and promotion is a Human Resource priority at Vantage. Accordingly, the company will strongly consider formal internal and external courses, programs, and training that may enable an individual to assume a higher level of responsibility.

Employees are encouraged to discuss career objectives with their supervisor so that specific plans for development can be identified and implemented.