Lean Manufacturing

We operate our service centres using a set of principles called Lean Manufacturing.  Together they challenge and hold our entire company organization accountable to:

  • Examining work processes so we can identify and eliminate waste and/or non-productive steps
  • Continually evaluating our work flow to find and implement improvements
  • Building an operating and management culture that reflects and reinforces lean manufacturing decisions
  • Incorporating lean manufacturing principles into our corporate belief system

Lean Manufacturing Principles

Vantage Beliefs

Customer Value Process change is driven by delivering value to our customers
Process Evolution Processes evolve by constant improvement, rather than radical change
Waste Elimination Improvement is based on statistical/quantitative evaluation of process performance
People Participation Vantage employees are involved and committed to developing and implementing process change










The Vantage lean manufacturing program is being realized through ongoing training and employment commitment in all aspects of our organization.